Seaside Park, New Jersey

Searching for the perfect vacation home reminiscent of a seashore escape from reality? Seaside Park New Jersey offers you all that and more. The water, sand, sun, and entertainment is located just outside your doorstep and just a few blocks from the entrance of Island Beach State Park. This little Jersey shore town consists of only 513 acres and has a stunning 2.1-mile boardwalk stretch along the Jersey shore. Views of the gorgeous post sandy dunes & improved oceanfront access points are superior by far. The oceanfront estates, year-round residential and summer cottage communities are perfect for anyone looking for an exciting, yet comforting living experience. Seaside Park has several amenities, besides the sparkling ocean waters, replenished white sandy beaches and the serenity of the Barnegat bayfront lifestyle Seaside Park offers its residents restaurants, small retail, yacht club, and marina, houses of worship, school, police station and municipal building. Seaside Park is truly a little hidden gem with plenty of lifestyle opportunities along the Jersey Coast. There is a lifestyle and a place to call home for everyone. Seaside Park New Jersey will give you the time away that you need to recharge your batteries and create some long-lasting memories with family and friends at the Jersey Shore.

Keeping antiquity in mind this town has a long history of traditional beach town living. Families and their next generations continue to keep the beach area traditions alive by making sure small business owners in the area stay around for a long time. Grab bait and breakfast at Betty and Nicks since 1970, lunch at Red Fox Beach Bar and Grill on the bayside and, dinner at Ebby’s Ristorante & Lounge bringing the taste of New York’s famous Italian cuisine to the Jersey Shore and of course many heads to the Sawmill located right on the boardwalk in Seaside Park for Breakfast lunch, dinner and drinks all year long. Residents and summer visitors stop in for sweet treats and desserts at Park Bakery or Ice Cream at Charlie’s and when you want your favorite beer or a nightcap is on the shopping list you can can patronize White Oak or Bluefront Liquors for your guilty pleasure.

The Seaside Park Elementary School educates an average of 62 students yearly in grades K-6.Central Regional Middle School serves grades 7 and 8 and for grades 9 through 12,Central Regional High School serves students from the municipalities of Berkeley Township,  Island Heights, Ocean GateSeaside Heights and Seaside Park. The total student population in the district is approximately 2,400, instructed by over 200 staff members.