Manasquan, New Jersey

Small Town Living With an Ocean View

Manasquan New Jersey may be a small town but, If you are looking for a safe place to live while enjoying all that nature has to offer then Manasquan New Jersey just might be the place This beautiful little seaside town named  by LenniLanape which means “stream of the Inland squaw.” The original settlers to the area supported their families and made their living from farming and fishing but, as the country and area grew the area due to it’s position on the ocean became a getaway for tourist seeking to escape the heat of the city during the summer months. It remains one of the two New Jersey get a way spots. Professional businesses also have built their roots here as well.

With a population of around 6,300 Manasquan sits on the ocean which means there are a variety of summertime activities to enjoy right at your doorstep such as swimming, fishing, Manasquan has a mile long sandy beach that is handicap accessible and has designated areas for fishing, swimming, rafting and volleyball. It also features a beautiful park that is great for picnics and a number of other activities. Manasquan is a very safe area in New Jersey to raise a family. Speaking of raising a family here, over 30% of the households have children under the age of 18 so your children won’t be short of friends. The Public school system in Manasquan is considered excellent with students at this school having over a $1000 more spent on educating them than the national average. The Student teacher ratio is also terrific at 14 students for each teacher leaving time for special individual attention should a student need it. There is plenty of family activity available mostly centered around the The Atlantic Ocean, Manasquan Inlet and Main Street as one would expect in an Oceanside community. The available activities in Manasquan include: Biking, swimming, fishing (both from shore and by boat) and surfing. For those families who like to dine out this little seaside town has everything from burger joints and pubs to fine dining including seafood, sushi and many other cuisines from around the world. One may want to spend the night being entertained at The Algonquin Arts Theater then taking a stroll down well lit Main Street window shopping. The average home in Manasquan sells around $600,000 with more people owning their homes than renting. While no place is perfect, it seems that Manasquan comes close offering families the safety and security of a small town with the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean at their backdoor. Who could ask for anything more?