Sea Girt, New Jersey

Home Or A Home Away From Home

Sea Girt, New Jersey isn’t often a place most people think of when trying to decide where they would like to move. That’s probably because, according to the 2000 United States census, the population was just over 2000. This is considerably smaller than your average town, which is also what makes it such an endearing place to live. Sea Girt is actually considered a borough and was formed as such in March of 1917 and is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

If having a home near the beach has always been a dream of yours, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also find the boardwalk along the edge of the beach that will lead you straight to the Sea Girt Light, which began operation in 1896 and is now one of only twenty remaining lighthouses in New Jersey. Families that are considering purchasing a home in Sea Girt should also be aware that the elementary school located there, Sea Girt Elementary School, serves to educate grades kindergarten through eighth and is a Blue Ribbon school. It is one of only four in the entire state of New Jersey to have received this recognition from the United States Department of Education and it is the highest level to be presented to an American school. This means that you can rest assured that your children will receive the best education possible.

If you’re looking for something to do in your spare time, and spending the day on the beach isn’t on your agenda, you can always head out to the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey, a not-for-profit museum set up to help keep the military heritage of New Jersey alive. This museum is the home of the Intelligent Whale, a hand-cranked submarine from the 1800s, among many other military artifacts relevant to the state. Sea Girt also boasts a number of nightclubs, pubs and restaurants for a night out on the town and a host of recreational activities to keep the entire family occupied. Crescent Park, named such for the crescent-shaped road that encircles one half of it, is home to tennis courts where you can practice your back swing when you’re not out exploring the remainder of the park.

Since Sea Girt reports a higher than average median income than the rest of the state, the homes that you will find here are reflective of that. Large, spacious homes line the streets and many people have even simply purchased a second home there where they can spend their summers in the peace and quiet of this seaside town. It’s easy to see by looking at this quaint little Irish-American borough why it is that people would choose to make their homes here