Lake Como (South Belmar), New Jersey

Lake Como, New Jersey is part of the many communities that make up the Jersey Shore. Nestled between Belmar and Spring Lake this community was originally formed as the borough of South Belmar, but in 2005 changed its name to Lake Como.  It has one of the smallest populations of in Monmouth County, having a population of around 1800. 

Like many of the coastal areas in New Jersey, Lake Como was originally settled as farmland, but became known for its waterfront rather than a farming community.  Today locals and visitors alike enjoy an abundance of activities involving the water including sunbathing, seashell collecting, fishing, boating and other summertime activities. Restaurants in the community offer foods from a wide variety of cultures including Greek, Chinese, Thai, and good old American cooking.  There are a number of cocktail bars for adult entertainment as well. 

While tourists often make day trips to Lake Como to enjoy their main street the lack of tourist accommodations means that the population of this borough does not swell during the summer months like most of the boroughs along the Jersey Shore.  Children in Lake Como attend elementary and Junior high school (k-8) in Belmar and then High school in Asbury Park, Manasquan High School, or the Academy Charter High School in Lake Como.