Bradley Beach, New Jersey

If you are considering moving to the New Jersey shore and are in search of a small-town atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities for everyone then Bradley Beach might be a wonderful choice. Legend has it that Captain William Kidd once buried treasure on the site of what is now Bradley Beach and that treasure was never recovered.  However, the real treasure of this little seaside town it’s small year round population of around 5000 people and it’s beautiful ocean views.

Unlike many East coast cities Bradley Beach, due it’s small population, boasts just one large neighborhood instead of multiple neighborhoods.  This really gives this small town a sense of community that is rarely seen in larger cities.  Everyone in Bradley Beach considers everyone else their neighbor and there is much pride in this tight knit community.

The school district educates children from kindergarten to 7th grade.  Grades 9-12 attend Asbury Park high school.. Like many tourist areas, Bradley Beach has a number of great shopping outlets as well as a variety of dining experience and those who find employment in Bradley Beach itself usually work in the tourist trade.  Despite it’s small year round population, Bradley Beach’s population swells dramatically during the summer months to about 30,000.   Bradley Beach Park a gated park right on the boardwalk is a favorite of many, parents love the magnificent view of the ocean while their children play.  Mini golf, boating, fishing, concerts on the beach Bradley Beach takes on that wonderful wholesome small town atmosphere that is almost a thing of the past.