Asbury Park, New Jersey

For most hearing the name Asbury Park brings up a dark and mysterious vision created by Bruce Springsteen. His eloquent descriptions of life in mid-seventies New Jersey is haunting and moving. However today Asbury Park is changing and improving, and would make a great place for someone to settle down on the Jersey Shore.

Asbury Park New Jersey is definitely stepping into the new millennium with a bang. Beginning in 2007 there has been major pushes to not only reinvent this small town on the shore, but to make sure it holds onto its rich heritage. Beginning back in 1893 Asbury Park was created as a resort town for the people of New York City and Philadelphia. During its heyday there was no better place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Featuring one and a half miles of some of the most beautiful beachfront in New Jersey, Asbury Park was a major tourist destination. However the depression and World War Two had a devastating effect on Asbury Park, and this tiny seaside town slowly began to deteriorate into what most of us remember from the Bruce Springsteen songs we all loved so much.

Flash forward to today; Asbury Park is rejuvenated and growing. All of those old famous boardwalk spots are not only being renovated there is a very conscious effort to rebuild in the same style that once made this place the prime destination for people trying to get away. The beautiful Victorian architecture is being brought back in order to give the feel of days gone by, however while the outside of the revamped buildings are classic the insides are cutting edge modern. The trains still run daily from New York City and Philadelphia, so commuting is still possible and this sleepy little town is ready for you.

Asbury Park has three elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school, so your children will not have far to travel to get their education and these schools are ranked well within the state. Asbury Park has plenty to offer families that want to move to this peaceful place.

One thing that the Jersey Shore in general and Asbury Park in particular are known for is their nightlife and entertainment. This area is still a hub for local talent, with places like the famous Stone Pony still in existence with live entertainment every weekend. Living is this area you will never run out of things to do, there is just so much to choose from So if are looking to be a part of the rebuilding of a once popular resort town bring you family and see what has already been done, and then join them to add your touch to what Asbury Park, New Jersey can become.