Brielle, New Jersey

A Riverside Community

Brielle, New Jersey nestled along the Manasquan River was founded mainly by Dutch and English shipbuilders who farmed and lived off the land and sea. The area once called Union Landing supplied salt to the Union troops during the revolutionary war and is now mainly a residential community with single family homes, townhomes, marinas, restaurants, and more.

Residents are primarily commuters to north Jersey and New York for their jobs. Brielle itself is home to a number of commercial and charter fishing boats and the local shops, and restaurants are numerous. With a population of only about 4,774 people, this beautiful community is made up of Golf Course homes on large lots skirting the Manasquan River, a downtown area that makes for convenience, and the landing area which is where it all happens.

There is great fishing along the river but the 1800 feet owned by The Manasquan River golf course is truly a stunning sight along the river. 150 acres purchased in 1922 The Manasquan River Golf Club is part of the Old Squan Highlands, including the highest point on the Atlantic Seaboard from Atlantic Highlands to Florida. There are a number of fine dining facilities and some excellent specialty shops.

Children attend the local elementary and junior high school located right in Brielle and high school students attend the Manasquan high school which is considered an excellent public high school. Brielle has become an ideal location for professionals and retirees who want a quiet and safe community.